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Overall it is a good community but, I would choose to go somewhere with a better hospital, more gathering places such as parks, and even somewhere with more places to shop for things like clothes, groceries, and even equipment. Current Resident 10 months ago Overall Experience Report. I have lived in Marshall for 18 years and I can proudly say it has been a wonderful environment to grow up in! It is a small town , but the town has much to offer! Marshall has several restaurants ranging from cheap to high end.

There are also several boutiques and a wide variety of local antique stores to shop at! Plus every year Marshall host the Wonderland of Lights. Downtown is decorated in beautiful lights, an ice skating rink, and activities for young children are just a few of the wonderful experiences held at the Wonderland of Lights. I would definitely recommend visiting Marshall if you love a small town Hallmark feel! Marshall is a small town with friendly, respectful residents.

Overall, the town has a relaxed atmosphere. Current Resident 11 months ago Overall Experience Report. Beyond the opportunity to leave a great impression, residency program interviews give you the rare chance to assess whether a program is the right fit for you—but only if you ask the right questions. As you travel to various interviews, keep this list of questions handy to conduct an effective conversation with program directors and current residents.

Marshall is a small town that needs a lot of things done for it to be amazing. It has way too many chicken places and doughnut places.

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It needs way more food varieties. Marshall is a small town with lots of chicken and donuts!

I would love to see this small town grow with businesses and entertainment! Marshall is a small town. There is not much to do as far as night life or family fun here. I have come across many unfriendly people. The school systems are less than adequate. Marshall is a very small town with little things to do.

I have lived in Marshall for over 17 years and I can see the little close town becoming like a bad dream. There are crimes starting to be committed more and more.

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There is not anything for young kids to do so they have to travel out of town or start trouble. I think we should focus more on the kids in the town and help Marshall grow economically. Most of the jobs are located out of Marshall which causes people to spend money in other cities as well. I love the fact that all of my neighbors are so friendly and helpful and nobody cares about the color of anybodies skin. We just all get together sometimes and have big block parties where everybody brings a covered dish and we play games, talk and all the kids get along so well together.

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It's just amazing to me how peaceful it is here and I love it!!! I would,however, love to see more places for families to go and have fun.

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We have a movie theater and a few parks but it would be nice if we had a small amusement park or a go-cart place or even a water park would be awesome in this little town. That's the only bad thing about living in Marshall, Texas is that families have to drive to other towns to have fun like that on the weekends.

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If they could bring some of that awesomeness here this town, in my opinion, would be perfect. Hi everybody ive lived in east texas most of my life. Marshall has always been my home. I left ten years ago.

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